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Many of the most critical decisions relating to the development of a project are made at the early stages, when only limited information is available. For maximum effectiveness, we recommend that Patterson Associates is commissioned from the very beginning of the development process. Independent professional expertise applied up front helps clients to understand the costs involved in projects and the contractual implications of decisions before they are made.

Patterson Associates brings a wide range of skills and talent to the relationship, allowing clients to gain a thorough understanding of what may be required at every step of the way. The savings in terms of cost, time and other resources will be substantial.


United Kingdom

      • Arrowhead Quay Hotel - Private Developers
      • Naphtha Minus Complex - Shell Antilles (UK) Ltd.
      • Canary Wharf Building (Pre-Contract) - Private Developers


      • Montserrat Government Headquarters Buildings - Govt. of Montserrat
      • Demerara Life Insurance Co. Headquarters, Grenada - Demerara Life
      • Port St. Charles - Private Developers
      • Shell Courtesy Garage (Barbados) - Shell Antilles Ltd.
      • Winkler Residence - Mustique
      • Barbados National Bank (Pre & Post-contract) - Government of Barbados


      • GBTI (Water Street Branch)- GBTI
      • GBTI (Regent Street Branch) - GBTI
      • NBIC (Corriverton Branch) - NBIC
      • NBIC (Anna Regina Branch) - NBIC
      • GTM Headquarters - GTM
      • Citizen’s Bank (Georgetown) - Citizen Bank
      • Citizen’s Bank (Parika) - Citizen Bank
      • Demerara Bank - Demerara Bank
      • Bank of Nova Scotia - Nova Scotia
      • Citizen’s Bank Bartica Branch - Citizens Bank
      • St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital Phase II - US AID
      • SAPIL Paper Recycling Plant - Ansa Mc Al Trading
      • Stabroek News Press Building - Guyana Publications Ltd.
      • Geddes Grant Distribution Center - Neal & Massey Ltd.
      • University of Guyana Library Extensions - IDB/Govt. of Guyana
      • University of Guyana Facilitates Extensions - IDB/Govt. of Guyana
      • University of Guyana Computer Center - IDB/Govt. of Guyana
      • Georgetown Hospital Final Account Resolution - IDB/Govt. of Guyana
      • Queens College Rehabilitation - Government of Guyana
      • Queen’s College Renovations - Ministry of Education
      • ESSO Service Stations (9 Nr.) - ESSO Standard Oil (SA) Ltd.
      • ESSO Bulk Storage Terminal - ESSO Standard Oil (SA) Ltd.
      • ESSO Head Office - ESSO Standard Oil (SA) Ltd.
      • Sales Office - Banks DIH Ltd.
      • Sheriff Street Drive Thru Restaurant - Banks DIH Ltd.
      • Royal Castle (Guyana) - Y. S. Franchises
      • Litchfield Primary School - World Bank
      • Secondary School Reform Programme - World Bank
      • IDB Head Office Renovations - Inter American Development Bank
      • Cheshire Home - Cheshire Home Board
      • Upgrade of Canadian Embassy - Government of Canada
      • Relief Council Emergency Shelter - Guyana Relief Council
      • Church Meeting House - Church of the Latter Day Saints
      • Football Stadia - FIFA
      • Marian Academy Secondary & Primary Blocks - Marian Academy Board
      • Forestry Infrastructure Upgrade - Guyana Forestry Commission
      • Forestry Department Building, University of Guyana - Guyana Forestry Commission
      • Renovations to Call Centre, Linden - Privatisation Unit/NICIL
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